Super Junior & E.L.F.

Hi everyone, my name is Erra and I am a fan of Super Junior which it called EverLasting Friends, E.L.F. Well, I being an E.L.F. since 2009 and I proud to be in this fandom. Thank to my mom for intro me about Super Junior since Sorry Sorry era, hehehehe. Well I know Super Junior and become their fan because of my mom actually, thanks mom. hahaha.

As a fan of course I miss 13elieve. How I wish I can see them as 13 members again, now there's a lot boy groups with many members. I don't want people say, they are more better than SuJu. People also know that SuJu is the Leaders of Hallyu Wave. I just want to say that NOBODY can replace Super Junior, they are the kings! Because of them K-POP become popular. It's not Psy who make K-POP popular, Gangnam Style hit 1 billion views. I'm so tired with haters, like seriously.

Sorry Sorry era, just admit it everyone know this song also know the choreography. I have to admit before Sorry Sorry there was Nobody by Wonder Girls, these girls also make people know K-POP just a little. Wonder Girls's Nobody is not really popular song, I also don't really like this song.

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca. I love you guys.